Youth Crossroads

Funded by Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM), the Youth Crossroads project aims to build trust and friendship among Abkhaz, South Ossetian and Georgian youth, aged 18-25, through joint media training and continued engagement and dialogue via production and internet-based media exchange. 

In order to build confidence among community leaders and potential participants, partner NGOs will reach out to influential community stakeholders and institutions, such as youth organizations and local media outlets, as well as hold open meetings to promote and gain support for the project. In order to achieve the overall aim of the program and maintain a demographic balance among participants, each city will select a pre-determined ethnic representation of youth from that area.

The project activities include, but are not limited to organizing the Media Camp for selected 15 participants from Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, who will be trained in miscellaneous topics and gain technical skills of media content production. By the end of the camp participants will begin to create individual print stories and examine the issues that connect them to the broader group of their peers.  In order to build a platform for sharing this and future content among themselves and with others one of the camp’s training components will focus on web magazine development. 

Starting from October, 2013 the video products prepared by camp participants from Georgia will be broadcasted on Georgian National TV on a monthly basis. Programs, promoting tolerance and dialogue, will be regularly broadcasted via web-magazine, where input from all three participating regions will be included.

The web-based platform will feature all of the stories, photographs and other media projects created by participating youth.  While they will work as three independent groups from their home regions, they will collectively work on one web magazine which will sustain their relationships through shared purpose.

Within the frameworks of Youth Crossroads Project the Youth Film Festival will be organized as a summarizing event of the project, involving all interested stakeholders, such as NGOs, students, journalists, civil society representatives, etc.

The project will provide the participants with skills that they will use throughout their careers. They will contribute to changing the way of thinking towards breaking numerous stereotypes and looking for common interests of young people watching the program and thinking about its messages. The developed ability of the young generation to have their input in the establishment of peace will encourage them to act as peace agents equipped with knowledge and experience provided by the project.